Training and Fitness by Hess

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Experience workouts by Coach David Hess in a group setting each and every day with new workouts that are always unique. Coach Hess is a strong believer in functional training, as well as muscle confusion and our workouts will always be challenging and different.

Personal Training


Let The Forge Training Facility help you obtain your goals in a one on one setting. Our hardworking and dedicated coaches provide personalized training to help you reach your goals.

Youth Training

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 Forge Athlete Development Ages 6-11

Teaching the foundations of running, lifting, and managing ones body in space in a positive environment.

Forge Athlete Development Ages 12-18

Developing Power, Strength, Explosion, and Speed in a controlled environment.

Soccer Lessons


Team Training or one on one with Coach Sergio to help you get to the next level with your Soccer performance

Baseball Lessons


Instructed by Scotty Sanchez, Blaine Frazier, and Brandon Bollinger.

Book An Appt. Forge Baseball

Golf Performance Training


Group or Individual Training classes to help you improve and succeed on the course. This class works on core strength, flexibility, and much more to lower your scores and improve your distance off the tee.

Mental Performance Training

Certified Mental Performance Coach Tracy Munton with The Edge Mental Strength, works with Teams and Individuals to get to the next level by strengthening their mental game.

Vizual Edge Performance Training

Certified Athletic Trainer Brandon Hawk will take you or your athlete through a visual evaluation with cutting edge software Vizual Edge. PGA, MLB, NFL, NHL, Team USA, and many more professional teams are using this program. This program is in essence weight lifting for our eyes. We will work on Vizual Alignment, Vizual Depth Perception, Convergence, Divergence, Vizual Flexibility, Vizual Recognition, and Vizual Tracking.

Body Composition Testing

Come and see where your body composition is today with our Tanita Body Composition Machine. The areas measured are Weight, Body Fat, Body Water, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Daily Caloric Intake, Metabolic Age, Physique Rating, and Visceral Fat Levels.

Child Supervision

We provide Child Supervision in The Forge Training Facility. All kids must stay in the children’s room at all times during workouts for their safety.

Locker Room & Showers

The Forge Training Facility has Men’s and Women’s Locker Rooms with restrooms and showers for your usage.

Indoor/Outdoor Batting Cage Rental

The Forge Training Facility has 1 Indoor and 1 outdoor batting cage that are available for rent. Balls and bats are NOT included. Please call our facility for scheduling.

Conference/Board Room Rental

State of the art room that can host parties, meetings, conferences, and much more. AV hookups available with large flat screen TV. Contact our facility for availability.

Field Rental

Our Indoor Turf field is available to rent for conferences, dinners, team practices, and many more events that we have hosted in the past. Please contact our facility for availability.

Birthday Parties

Here at The forge Training Facility, we always look forward to the Birthday parties we get to host. Our coaches set up obstacle courses, relays, dodge ball, volleyball, basketball, and many other fun games here in our facility. Please call our facility for availability.

Smoothie & Juice Bar

Snacks by Natural Food Restaurant

We are happy to have Natural Food Restaurant in our facility. They offer smoothies and fresh juices each week for purchase, as well as snacks for on the go.

Our Medical Partners

Texas Sport & Spine Abilene Sports Medicine & Orthopedics

EXOS Physical Therapy

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