Training and Fitness by Hess

Experience workouts by Coach David Hess in a group setting each and every day with new workouts that are always unique. Coach Hess is a strong believer in functional training, as well as muscle confusion and our workouts will always be challenging and different.

Youth Training

Forge Athlete Development (Ages 6-10)

Teaching the foundations of running, lifting, and managing ones’ body in a positive environment.

Forge Athlete Development (Ages 11-14)

Developing Power, Strength, Explosiveness, and Speed in a controlled environment.

Elite Training (Ages 14-18)

Take your performance training to the next level with a higher focus on speed, strength, and power that will carry over onto the field and court.

Personal Training

Let The Forge Training Facility help you obtain your goals in a one on one setting. Our hardworking and dedicated coaches provide personalized training to help you reach your goals.

Soccer Training

Group Training or one on one with Coach Sergio to help you get to the next level with your Soccer performance and technical ability.

Child Supervision

We offer Child Supervision to enhance your workout experience by providing your children with a safe and positive environment. All kids must stay in the children’s room at all times during workouts for their safety.

Locker Room & Showers

The Forge Training Facility has Men’s and Women’s Locker Rooms with restrooms and showers for your usage.